Company Profile

Delta International Oil & Gas Inc., headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ is an International company specializing in energy. The Company is focused on exploration, research and production of oil and natural gas. Delta has investments in oil and gas concessions in the Northern part of Argentina.


Delta’s key competitive advantage is the ability to access key decision makers, a result of management’s significant experience and established relationships in the markets in which we operate.

Recent History


  • Ownership changes
  • Old Management dismissed; new management steps


  • Acquisition of Altony and SAHF and all of their assets (Jollin & Tonono, Tartagal & Morillo, Guemes, Cobres, Rosario, La Union, Valles)
  • Oil exploration begins in South America


  • Dissolution of Altony
  • 10:1 Reverse split of Delta’s Stock
  • Jollin-2 gas work-over well begins drilling


  • Delta ventures into mining and acquires ~350,000 acres of North Guayatayoc (lithium rich salt flats)
  • Guemes Dos Morros X-2001 oil exploratory well begins drilling
  • Prospective acquisitions for remainder of 2010 include: Rivadavia (gas), La Troja (petroleum), Caimancito (gas and petroleum), Coltan concession, lithium concession


  • Delta acquires 9% of Tartagal and Morillo
  • Delta acquires 70% of Valle de Lerma
  • Building of swabbing rig
  • SAHF gets nationwide Operator’s License
  • SAHF gets Salta Producer’s License
  • Private Initiative filings for: Selva Maria (Formosa), San Salvador (Jujuy), and Libertador (Jujuy)


  • Cooperation agreement with PPL for $7.5MM for certain percentages of some of Delta’s properties and bidding rights
  • PPL commitment to certain joint ventures that Delta is involved in for $10MM of development funds
  • Acquisition of Caimancito Refinery in Jujuy


  • Malcolm Sherman becomes CEo and Phillips Smith becomes Chairman
  • Delta focuses on leveraged acquisitions of producing properties in Argentina, but no projects were viable
  • PPL defaults on all of its agreements


  • Focus shifts to projects outside of Argentina
  • Non-core assets are sold or transferred


  • Santiago Peralta become CEO of the Company
  • Future project scope narrows