The Argentina Market
SAHF Oil and Gas Exploration


SAHF’s primary focus was to make investments and divestments on behalf of Delta in Argentina. SAHF explored investments in oil and gas projects throughout Argentina during 2013-2015, but none were deemed viable. 

The properties currently held by SAHF are Tartagal Oriental, Morillo, and Valle de Lerma. SAHF is in the process of selling the Tartagal Oriental and Morillo properties, but it is uncertain of when and how the transaction will close. 

SAHF is not owned by Delta anymore, but as the sale of Tartagal Oriental and Morillo closes, Delta will receive 75% of the revenues generated by the transaction (including royalties on the production of the properties).  

Tartagal Oriental and Morillo Property Information

Salta Projects

  • – Tartagal & Morillo (Oil and Gas)
  • – Valle de Lerma (Oil)
  • – Guayatayoc (K-Li-B)
Salta Projects

Table 1: Oil and Gas Blocks with Delta Participation

Block Province Status Delta % Reserves Operator Value (MMUS$) Partner(s) Investment
Tartagal Oriental Salta Drilling in 2017 18% CO 2.3MMm3 1,500 High Luck, Maxi 70MM
Morillo Salta Seismic 18% CO 1.4MMm3 1,500 High Luck, Maxi 70MM